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18-19, April, 2016

Two days’ workshop on NICRA& NIFTD & strategy for kharif season of KVKs was held at ICAR-ATARI (Zone-IV), Kanpur during 18-19 April, 2016. In this workshop 15 KVKs of NICRA and 12 KVKs of NIFTD participated. Dr. A.K Singh DDG (AE), ICAR, New Delhi inaugurated the workshop. He highlighted the need for NICRA project in the face of increasing climate Variability in the area jurisdictions of the ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur. He also emphasis to make kharif season strategy with opportunity of different technology to overcome the drought situation.

Dr. U.S. Gautam, Director, ICAR-ATARI Kanpur presented performance of NICRA and explained about the expectations of NICRA KVKs and way forward. Dr. JVNS Prasad, Coordinator NICRA gave remarks on the vulnerability of the Uttar Pradesh and uttarakhand. He narrated that the KVK work accordingly the need of the farmers on different vulnerability such as drought, Flood, ground water depletion, cold wave frost & hail storm. Dr. S. S. Singh Head, Crop Science, ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, critical reviewed and gave suggestions for improvement of action plan for 2016-17. Dr. Atar Singh PS (Agron) & Nodal Officer NICRA & NIFTD presented overall performance of the NICRA and NIFTD project of the zone. He suggested to pay more attention in climate resilient technologies. At the end of the programme the vote of thanks given by Dr. S. K. Dubey PS(AE) and the programme systematized by Dr. Ajit Kumar Srivastava, RA , NICRA, ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur.